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Lift the veil and see the truth of who you are, with courage and passion. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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I haven’t worn my jeans for six years and I bought these jeans 13 years ago….  Four years ago, I tried them. I had to lie on the bed and really force my way into it and I had this love handle sticking out on the side which didn’t look very good. So I decided not to wear them. 

And after the 28-day [BBB] cycle, I decided, ‘OK. Tonight, why not just try it on?’

I thought I would have to lie on the bed again, but I didn’t. I put them on. I buttoned without any force and woo-hoo! I look good. I’m happy.

My advice to someone thinking about trying this would be something simple: You have to want it. So it’s all in the mind and you can do it… Anyone can do this. It’s all up in your head and don’t let it defeat you. It’s only for 28 days and if you really want it, go for it.”

Josephine, BBB Participant

“It wasn’t actually difficult because I had everything like breakfast, lunch and dinner all written down. So it was much easier for me. I go in the kitchen. OK, I have to eat this, this and that. Now I have a break week and I don’t know what to eat because it’s not written down.”

Oksana, BBB Participant

“It’s like after two weeks, with Fastox and exercise – I have six brothers and my brothers love women. One of my brothers goes like, ‘Hey, chica! … Check it out! Your arms, something, and your stomach is smaller and your leg is kind of fitter.’

I go like, ‘Oh, I’ve been doing this Fastox,’ and mentioning about you and he says – and all of them say, ‘Whatever you do, keep on going girl, because you look hot.’

… at the end, it’s worth it, seriously. From there, you have this motivation to do more further, especially with the groups. When you are in the right groups and especially with Bill, I think nothing goes wrong.”

Sheena, BBB Participant

“One important thing I realized, I love to eat. I’m really an eater. I was born to eat. However, what I feel now… I’m really full. I’m not hungry. I’m not starving. I don’t feel this feeling anymore and I’m really, really thankful for you and the group to support me in this way.

The way my mind changed and I feel so complete… I’m full, not hungry, energetic… So it’s an amazing life now. I want to keep it…  Not just to take a goal but to keep it, and I think – I never did the diet before. Never fasting, never in my life. I did sports. It doesn’t work very good. I tried eating less. It doesn’t work. It didn’t work. So now I get what I want. I mean I lost – I don’t know – two sizes, three sizes.”

Zlata, BBB Participant

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